Corporación Horizontes Colombianos

For the autonomy of the Indigenous People


Juvencio Manduca

Member of the Tikuna Ethnic Group.

He was born in the Nazareth Community in the Colombian Amazon on March16th. He went to primary school in the “Concentración Escolar Nazareth (CEN)” and he took the 5th grade in the Indigenous Institute San Juan Bosco.
He finished High School and afterwards he took the training course of Film & Television Production and Direction“Imaginando nuestra imagen” (Imagining our image) – INI, offered by the Ministry of Culture in the National University of Colombia – Chapter Amazon (2003). He entered the program “Education – basis for a dignified life” of the Corporación Horizontes Colombianos in 2006 and took a semester of Fundamentals in the National University of Colombia, chapter Amazon and the took the Fundamentals Semester (2007) and the pre-college course in Bogota (2007).

Due to economic difficulties, he could only take the summer middle school, however for 8 years after finishing high school he has shared his knowledge with the community, leading initiatives with the traditional authorities.
He is currently fulfilling his dream of going to Law School after joining -CHC- in January 2006 as an honorary member. Since January 2008 he is an associate and the Secretary of the CHC General Assembly.

His great effort is supported by his parents, Pedro Pereira Ramos and Ligia Manduca Guillermo, who are agricultures in the Amazon. He is also married to Luz Emerita Moran Ahue and has a son, José Camilo Pereira Moran.

Caroline Schiller

Volunteer teacher in a Waldorf school in Bogotá (Inti Huasi, "Casa del Sol"), teaching English, German and helping in the support group, - with disabled children.

Double Degree in Business Management and Economics (University of Glasgow, Scotland)
Born 20th May 1995 in Munich, Germany, though both parents are from Czech Republic. After four years of Business and Economics studies, and several jobs in that direction (including the position in Deloitte’s consultancy company in Leeds and the sales job in Zionsville, Indiana with Southwestern Advantage) she decided to step away from that world, and dedicate her coming years to projects that were not focused on finance, sales, commerce and business.

Volunteering at the Eco-farm Can Decreix (Cerbere, France) gave her the opportunity to discover economic alternatives, i.e. “Degrowth”, and movements such as Slow Food, and Foodsharing, fighting against the food waste problem and the loss of the use of local foods. Some of the other places of volunteering in Europe include the Eco Krishna Farm in Lesmahagow (Scotland), Mirapuri (in Mirapuri-Coiromonte, Italy) and Menschliche Welt (Yoga Ashram in Germany near Ravensburg), each of which helped her to find more understanding in living in harmony, community, rather than competition, - including our co-existence with nature.

Currently, the Waldorf School "Inti Huasi" (Casa del Sol) has extended and brought her focus on education, which is also her aim and passion as a member in Corporacion Horizontales Colombianos (CHC) in Colombia.