Corporación Horizontes Colombianos

For the autonomy of the Indigenous People


Researchers in school stage

The project is designed from the initiative to support tenth and eleventh grade students of the José Reyes Pete Educational Institution, headquarters Ethno-Ecological Technical Institute "Cxamb Wala" (Pueblo Grande), located in the Indigenous shelter of Vitoncó (Páez-Cauca), who develop ethno-ecological proposals as a degree requirement. There is a great interest in contributing to cultural survival from the feeling of indigenous youth; from these initiatives, their own traditions and knowledge are rescued, they are investigated according to worldview and beliefs, accompanied by the elders and community leaders, strengthening intergenerational communication. By this means it seeks to open the way to position spaces for youth participation, built from cultural autonomy, where there is a deep respect for Mother Earth, the territory and the spirits that inhabit it. All actions developed to achieve the goals prioritize the WËT FIZENXI, meaning: to live well and in harmony with each other.